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About us > Introduction

Shanghai Honesty Shipping CO., LTD. is a broad-based int’l logistics company offering a wide range of supply chain solutions from international freight transportation, domestic distributions and integrated logistics management in a safer and faster way at lower cost.

SHS has grown significantly in size and expanded network into China Market with branches and offices established along the coastal areas and major air & ocean gateways including Dalian, Qindao, Tianjin, Hunan, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nantong and Chongqing and still growing.

Our dedicated team, adheres to the principle of “Honesty, Efficiency, Mutual benefits”, is engaging in offering customer with high quality, reliable, stable and humanizes service from end to end.

Shanghai Honesty Shipping stands ready to service customer in a highly efficient and reliable way.


MAR-2003 Shanghai Honesty Shipping opens in Shanghai;

MAR-2003, Get NVOCC Certilicate (NO.SMTC-NV01113)

MAY-2006, Get Class A Forwarder Certiticate

JUN-2006, Owned authority of import customs declaration

NOV-2009, Join in WCA IGLN

Nov-2010, Joint Ventures Shanghai Sanritsu Packaging CO.,Ltd.’ Established

APR-2011, Join in WANPN

Aug-2011, Pass ISO9001:2008 authentication


The company, since its inception, has constantly expanded the scale, gradually developed the work team and demanded for greater perfection in service, which is the outcome of the joint efforts and diligence of all employees. From the exploration of China-Japan route to the expansion of global business, we have been striving to better serve our customers, meet the demand for logistics, and constantly improve ourselves, gradually growing into a well-known integrated logistics service business.

Create value for employees

People-orientation is our development philosophy that remains unchanged. The realization of value can not be separated from people, and when we create values we also build a stage for employees to realize themselves. Broad space for development, practical experience of opportunities and challenges, good working environment, and sharing the joy of success and numerous achievements with the employees are our promises that never change.

Create value for customers

The essence of corporate existence and development is to create values for customers, which is our highest pursuit and the motivation of our continued efforts. From business consulting to integrated value-added services of sea and air transport, logistics, warehouse, import and export, from a single service provider to an expert providing whole solutions for international trade and logistics, we have always continued to create values for customers and grown together with customers as well.

Create value for society

The society is the cradle of enterprises, the foundation of business growth and also the solid platform for enterprise to realize values. Serving the society, paying back to the society and benefiting the society are our firm belief. We grow up while accumulate wealth for society, create values for human and meanwhile realize ourselves. Time forges successful businesses and entrepreneurs. During the process of realizing the harmonious and sustainable development of our enterprise, we have always firmly grasped our belief to create more wealth and values for the society.


Try out best to pursue the right thing no matter how trifle it is and to

As a transport agent, our service normally covers the whole journey from the beginning to the end. However, we'll keep perfecting our work by committing ourselves full-heartedly from the very beginning and in our view there is no end in such process.

Survival is the first priority for all human.

We believe sustainable prosperity of the company's business depends on continued satisfactory welfare enjoyed by our employees. Excellent staff is the best corporate asset. We aim to provide maximal monetary and non-monetary reward for our employees, who commit themselves to the development of the company in seeking for ultimate realization of their life value.

The stronger China becomes the better future all Chinese will

We must work harder, and keep expanding our business, hence to create more wealth for the society, and to make our due contribution to the development of our company.